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I am an intelegent, honest, caring young lady, optimistic about life and love . I like to listen to the gentle music, to dance, to swim, to go to the cinema, to cook tasty food. I love my house, cosiness and flowers of various kinds. I am a University student In spite of the fact that the lectures take much time, I really enjoy it. Besides the Psychology, I study English and Romanian. Russian is my native language. [...]

Sexy Russian brides’ influx is unstoppable

sexy russian brideYou cannot even comprehend all of the benefits that you can obtain from both, technology and globalisation. The first one has provided all of us with the opportunity of meeting people from different countries, whilst the second one contributes to the opening of the territorial borders and mixture of cultures which allows persons to understand each other better. [...]

The ultimate list of Russian dating sites: Fast-track to meeting Russian girls

list of Russian dating sitesSo you are a western guy interested in dating Russian girls.  If you decide to meet Russian women in your social circle, how hard do you have to work for that?  Maybe you meet 5-10 Russian ladies in one year maximum because you are not living in Russia.  However, do you know that there is an alternative method that you can try – using Russian dating sites[...]