Dating Russian Women

If you are a newbie to dating Russian women, then this article will be very helpful for you. It can also represent some interest to the men, who are not for the first day in Russian girls dating, but who experience problems in this field. The present article touches on six hurdles of Russian women dating.  So how to date a Russian woman?

First of all, you need to know that the majority of men looking for a Russian woman to date, in their majority look for a serious relationship. However, cultural differences and differences in mentalities prevent many couples from success on Russian dating websites. So how to succeed and how to marry a Russian woman? A successful dating with Russian women can be done and you can experience the passion, love and warmth of a Russian woman you choose.


The best ways to date Russian women are:


Greet a Russian woman on the first date. The custom presupposes shaking hands, not kissing on a cheek. However, make sure, you don’t shake her hand too firmly. Shake her hand pleasantly and look into her eyes, showing you are open and sincere.


On a first date dress properly and make sure your outfit is corresponding to the place you two are heading. Bring flowers; single Russian women like when men show their interests and bring small tokens of appreciation.

Be chivalrous as it is a key to success. Open doors for women, help with the coats, chair at the restaurant, etc.

Another interesting point is money. You need to know that Russian men always pay for women. So, you need to be aware that your Russian woman expects you to pay for all the entertainment you invite her for. If you refuse to pay, a Russian lady would find you greedy. It is one of the very important differences in Western and Eastern culture.

Russian women would always compare you to the local men, so be in control you are generous enough, open-minded, caring and are of strong nature. These qualities Russian women personals find attractive.

Take your time to learn Russian and say it right. The language barrier is one of the biggest reasons why many international relationships fail. Learning Russian you improve your chances with Russian women. You will notice how the situation will change when you try to learn your Russian woman’s native language. She would be pleased and flattered and in return, would take more efforts in learning your language.

Stay motivated, never give up and soon you can marry a Russian girl of your dreams!