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On the website you can find a great amount of useful advice, which will help you to find and understand woman, to arrange the first date properly and to become a happy husband. The most obvious rules of successful relationships are:

  • The absence of selfishness. It is important not to be concentrated on your personal needs and experiences. You should appreciate other’s point of view, to show the love for your soul mate and help your partner to find happiness.
  • Kindness – the evil and cruel men can be incredibly smart, so they can easily unraveling women’s hints, but only because of the defects of his character to respond to them, they do not want to please the girl.
  • Open your heart to new feelings! Happiness comes only to those who are waiting for him with all their heart.
  • Become a bit medium, to learn to recognize the signals that every woman generously sends to her beloved men.
  • Broad-minded and ability to learn – this is necessary in any situation.
  • Do not forget about your own interests. Although caring for the beloved woman plays a big role in your life, do not forget about your own hobbies and interests. Do not forget to meet with friends, do not throw your hobby and sports only to spend one more night with her. Thus, stay true to yourself, and keep the interest of the woman.russian love girl
  • In general, men wonder why his wife was such a passionate lover before the wedding, and now makes a face at the word “sex”. Maybe she is tired of the monotony of an intimate act, your carelessness in bed, and disregard for her needs. Or maybe she’s just tired, combining work and household chores, because there is no help from you. So, if you want to live happily, try not only love the girl, but also make love to her!
  • Every woman wants to be weak at the same time seeks the ways how to subdue the man. That’s why man should understand that. And every girl who will respond to you, who will provide you the signs of attention, will expect the same in return.
  • Stay yourself. If you are ready and able to fight for your common happiness, do it. Believe in your strength and be sure everything will turn out.
  • Keep calm. Stay calm, even in stressful situations. Unperturbed man, who knows what to do, will delight any woman. Do not panic over nothing, and even if you are quarrelling, try to intelligently argue, and not hard to prove your innocence. Now you know how to please a girl, even when there will be something unexpected.
  • Be punctual. If you’re dating, do not be late! And if you are late, do all your best to warn her. Delays due to traffic jams or indeed emergency, of course, is understandable, but if it is a regularity unlikely your girlfriend will be happy.
  • Do not assign a date in the theater or the cinema – there you can hardly have time to talk. Also, you should not make an appointment in the subway or spend the first date just walking down the street all the time: on the subway you will not have opportunity to talk; from prolonged walking through the streets, you can simply get tired. It is better if a man takes the initiative and invites the lady in the democratic coffee house, perhaps with quiet music, to be able to get to know each other better.