Marry the best Russian women in 2017

marry Russian womenOn we will help you to build a relationship and find marital happiness. By the way, many of us believe that only ladies are looking for a love, and strive to create strong relationships, but in practice it looks exactly the opposite. Men are eager to find beautiful girl online even more than women. The interesting fact is that all “family units” which have met through online dating service are several times more resistant than traditional families.

Nina and Andrew are our happy couple that met online via our online platform. After the registration Andrew pointed out that he wants to marry Russian women, and we did all our best to help him. After small test we offered Andrew the lady, which suited him the best. He was interested in the identity of her professional interests, and wrote her a message. Soon man received a reply. Later, they started communicating via e-mail, and later – on the phone. That was the beginning of their love story. When it came time for the first date, Andrew was in panic and didn’t know how to behave properly, but we were glad to help him, we offered Andrew to use the following advice.

  1. So how to start a dialogue and what to talk about with the women? The answer is really simple, you can talk about everything you and what you like, things that first come to mind, except, of course, a variety of complaints, jokes on the verge of a foul, and other controversial topics. Try to be original, bunt don’t look stupid. It is better to get some banal conversation about the weather, traffic jams, etc. and listen to your interlocutor. It will be enough to start small talk.
  2. It is important not to forget to listen to the interlocutor! Expressed interest in the girl, ask her a few simple questions. Allow the lady to show off her talents in front of you, she will be pleased with herself and you.
  3. Do not forget that your lady is also confused because of new a acquaintance and the first date. It means that you are equal!
  4. Turn off the mobile phone, as it can ring at the most inopportune moment. And try to make sure that nothing distracts you and your soul mate. This evening should be only yours!
  5. During the conversation, it is important to maintain eye contact, and also, if it is possible, look at the objects of the discussion. You can also show an interest and enthusiasm for the conversation, if you repeat certain words or phrases from the story of the lady you are with.
  6. Stay yourself. If you are ready and able to fight for your common happiness, do it. Believe in your strength and be sure everything will turn out. You do not have to think how to keep the love of a girl, you have to simply keep your relationship.
  7. Do not assign a date in the theater or the cinema – there you can hardly have time to talk. Also, you should not make an appointment in the subway or spend the first date just walking down the street all the time: on the subway you will not have opportunity to talk; from prolonged walking through the streets, you can simply get tired. It is better if a man takes the initiative and invites the lady in the democratic coffee house, perhaps with quiet music, to be able to get to know each other better.
  8. If after couple of dates you feel in love, don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Talk about love, even when your feelings are so obvious. Show your love every day, even if you have been together for many years. This is a recipe for eternal family happiness, infinite and pure love! And we wish you never part with it. And for those who have not yet met his happiness, our site will help to find the soul mate.