Meet genuine Russian girl – is it possible nowadays?

Meet genuine Russian girlPeople may have thought I was crazy saying I wanted to find a Russian wife. But they must have been more shocked when I said I wanted to do that online. My story started when I visited Russia a few years ago in order to discover the culture, cuisine and local traditions which are different from city to city, village to village and so on.

On the third day of my mini travel investigation, I had the opportunity to enjoy the party where I met lots of local Russian ladies and was amazed at how beautiful and educated they were. However, even if they had a higher education and knew lots of things I noticed that their English language skills were approaching to a basic level in order to support very easy casual conversations. I didn’t have to worry about that until I came back home to my country and find out that I wanted to meet genuine Russian girl and marry her.

I wasn’t able to go to Russia so often so I decided to find another way to make my dreams come true. Social networks, you may have thought? No, that wasn’t to me because I wanted to be a part of the system where I can be absolutely sure I would be in contact with real persons. Later on, I accidentally found whilst I was looking for the ways to date single Russian ladies online. According to the feedbacks and multiple reviews, this website promises to provide single men from Western countries one of the biggest databases of single ladies from Slavic countries on the whole Internet.

Now that I captured all the benefits I could potentially have using online dating service I started signing up. I was surprised to meet new feature of online dating system known as verification. It is necessary to go through it in order to be checked and prove that you are a real person. Another thing that attracted my attention was trust level on women’s profiles. Having that sign I had the opportunity to choose by myself whether I wanted to contact and date that girl or not.

find a Russian wife

When it comes to seeking for a particular lady from Russia there you have lots of additional services that make that process a lot easier.

  • Search engines. Using this feature I could go for particular parameters in order to find my perfect Russian wife. They include physical parameters such as hair and eye color, body type (slim, sport type etc.); and the ones that could describe and identify the personality of each lady.
  • Photos, introduction videos, ideal match descriptions. When it comes to introducing themselves, single men, as well as Russian ladies, have to make a video in order to describe themselves briefly. When it comes to photos, they are, in most cases, professionally made at the studio. Ideal match descriptions are the column where you can see if you and your match are compatible with each other.

On the other hand, the communication process can be a little bit difficult – but the reason of that is just because both you and your woman from Russia need to wait until you get the letters, read them and write a reply. But tried so hard to eliminate that problem and introduced a new level of online dating services. Due to video and live chats I was able to not just chat up with my lady online, but also see her when the right time finally arrived and both of us were ready to make that step. Even if we both had to have a particular computer set up we were so happy to see each other when we finally managed to solve all the problems.

In my opinion, true love does not have distances and language problems. And many dating services, such as that I used, prove that.