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I am an intelegent, honest, caring young lady, optimistic about life and love . I like to listen to the gentle music, to dance, to swim, to go to the cinema, to cook tasty food. I love my house, cosiness and flowers of various kinds. I am a University student In spite of the fact that the lectures take much time, I really enjoy it. Besides the Psychology, I study English and Romanian. Russian is my native language. I like my future profession and I hope that in future, I will be really perfect specialist in this field. I love life with its difficulties. Were there no failures, there would be no also victories and success.. I’m always smiling under any circumstances and face bravely any situation as I can control myself very well. I don’t like to complicate my life. To my mind, it is useless to be at rock bottom – I try to keep “Don’t worry, Be happy!”… I dream to build a very good family with strong values and traditions. I dream to build a very good family with strong values and traditions. The man, who will be near me, should be as the friend, lover, partner, and good father for our future children.

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As for me, I like traveling. I’ve visited a lot of countries, for ex. Greece, Egypt, Finland, Cyprus etc. I think, traveling is really interesting, because you can meet different people, learn different cultures. I also like sport. I attend sport club. My favorite play is table tennis. I play table tennis twice a week. All in all, I like reading philosophy books. Finally, I enjoy meeting my friends. I think that I am really purposeful. I always do what I want. My favorite color is light blue. My favorite fruit is mango. My favorite flower is white rose. I like different men. I prefer sociable men with a sense of humor, who like sport, cinema or home video, walking and traveling. If you wish meet me, write me. I am waiting.

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I am a friendly, impetuous, unpredictable, independent lady. I love my friends. I adore summer, because it gives a chance to go to the seaside, to lie in the sun. I like to look great, because it pleases not only me, but also everyone, who is around. I am in love with all the flowers. In relations I like such traits like clarity, honesty, simplicity. Sometimes I enjoy being alone, and I always enjoy music, reading. I do not like scandals and arguing. He should be a calm, educated, honest, faithful, reliable man.

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I am a very happy, kind and tactful person. I value good relations and work hard on my life and career. I like open and honest people who know what they want in this life. In addition, I am a sociable, cheerful girl, life and soul of the party. I like getting some new adventures. I study all the time and enjoy reading. I like warm weather. I love to buy chocolate, yoghurts and various fruit for myself if I get good marks at the University. I am fond of cooking especially baking. Cakes and biscuits are always on my table. I am searching for a man who when meets his other half won’t be afraid to listen to his heart. I am so eager to find a loving husband to create a wonderful family. I know that there should be friendship and trust in relations. I want to meet that one who is willing to get married forever and go through all the tests that may occur on our way.

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My numerous friends say that I am a kind, sympathetic, honest, joyful, sociable, purposeful and independent lady. In my free time I visit my friends, go to a swimming pool, in winter go to a sauna. I like nature. I love children. My nearest plans include studying at computer courses and learning foreign languages. I want to meet a romantic, sincere, honest, independent and educated person. I dream of a person with a broad outlook and pleasant to talk to. With this man I want to create strong and good family.
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I’m polite, tender, wise, accurate, affectionate, serious, pretty, tactful, self-confident, honest. I like so much to be occupy with the cookery, science, dancing. I’m learning and interesting in driving cars, foreign languages. I dislike smokers, inebrious men, inclined to using drugs. I like go for sports, in particular tennis, chess. I would like to meet a man, who doesn’t use drugs. I appreciate so much and want him to be wise, tender, sensitive, tactful, loving me and to be independent in finances.

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