Sharing my experience of how to impress a Russian girl

how to impress a Russian girlEvery man should know how to behave with girls. However, when it comes to dating with particular ones there are some changes that can depend on culture and mentality of that woman. Personally, I had to experience that when I wanted to find a  Russian wife. Firstly, I tried to find her in real life but didn’t succeed. Even if I lost a hope for some time I made a quick research online about online dating. And the results of that surprised me a lot. I found out that a lot of single men from Western countries with the same problem registered on different reliable dating services and managed to find their foreign love. In my opinion, international marriages are not bad at all so I decided I would give it a try.

I found the service I liked very quickly and made an account the same day. The website I chose,, was offering its members the unique opportunities to date with Slavic girls. Among them were the Russian ones that attracted me the most by their beauty. However, I had to know about how to impress a Russian girl that I had never dated before. Luckily, I managed to find a few articles about that on the dating service where I created my account. As they say, in order to impress a lady from Russia I have to behave normally and just be myself. Later on, I discovered that ladies from Slavic country such as Russia were very sensitive, family-oriented, open-minded and mature. When I was dating a few girls on dating service online I also managed to see that they didn’t look the financial status of their future partner – they just listen to their hearts and believe that this is the right way for making a solid

So in order to impress my future wife, I had to:

  • Be sincere and honest. As I managed to discover, ladies from Russia value the inner world of their partner rather than his appearance. So did I when I was dating a woman. I learned that I needed, to be honest and sincere with her – and she gave me the same feelings and emotions back. I noticed that if the man is not being honest and opened to Russian woman, she feels it and avoid dating with that person later.
  • Ask her about her hobbies and favorite things to do. Another sign of having good manners – asking about the things my Russian girl likes to do. Whilst dating online on it is really important to know more about your future half. So whilst doing that I found out a lot of interesting facts about the things my future half liked to do and managed to find lots of things in common. That fact made us very close friends and later a couple. It is so nice to be able to share with someone you trust your personal thoughts and similar stuff that definitely makes you closer to each other.
  • Ask about her family. Russian women love their families and are obsessed with spending some free time with them, even if they are busy – they will always find a time to help their parents and siblings. When I found my Russian wife I was even beyond the happiness because I knew she would create an unforgettable family atmosphere in the house and keep it all warm.
  • Tell her more about myself and my personality. After my lady finished talking about her life and some details that was my turn to go ahead and start describing my life the way it is. This was another way of finding common things which I really liked. Also, due to having two types of chats on we were able to communicate in the way we personally found more comfortable which only increased the happiness in conversation.

Russian girls are not that specific as you may have thought they would be – if you are sincere with them, you will definitely find a good wife for creating a strong family.