Why are so Many Russian Women Single?

In the present days many Russian women can boast they have everything: great job, careers, homes, cars, but they lack a partner in their life to make it complete. Very often Russian woman feels lonely and misses that special one by her side. Why does this happen?
The thing is that Russian ladies prefer staying alone, than just getting married to anyone. It doesn’t mean they don’t need a husband, a close person to share life with, to love and take care of. Russian girls have their standards and requirements from the life companion and very rare compromise on that, unless it is crazy love.
While many men break their heads on how to date with a Russian woman and how marry her, Russian women continue their thorough search of a perfect partner. It takes much time and effort to win the hearts of Russian beauties. However, if you are interested on how to marry a Russian woman, you can look for the related articles and tips on-line.
Single Russian woman never losses hope to find her one and only. As Russian people say, hope dies the last. So, Russian women are waiting and waiting.
What women are single? There are certain types of women that stay single longer than the rest of them
First of all, these are women with high demands and requirements to their future husband. They just need to understand that nobody is perfect and be more objective to the men. However, a must factor for every Russian woman is a man with a kind heart, strong character and generous, loving soul.
The second type is single Russian women with kids. These women look not only for the life time partner, but also a good father to their children. It is not an easy task to find common language with someone’s children; it is a known fact that is why, as a rule, single mothers stay single longer than other Russian woman personals.

Another type of Russian women, who stay longer single are business ladies. This is explicable, women, who are working hard to get promotion, build their own business, develop on a career ladder, etc. put much time and forces into this so that they simply have no time to be active on a dating scene. Even if these ladies get on dates, strong and independent women scare away the majority of men, since, as a rule, they look for the weak sex to take care of.
This is only a small part that explains why there are so many Russian woman personals looking for their soul mate on-line.